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TKS Industrial provides turnkey design-engineer-build services for large automotive paint shop installations and industrial HVAC systems. We build world-class spray paint booths, industrial ovens, and other paint systems for the highest production rate manufacturing plants in the world. Contact us today, and request a quote to fit your needs.

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Updated May 20, 2022

Troy, MI -- May 20, 2022
Toyota awards TKS: "2022 Excellent Performance"

TKS Industrial Company is proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2022 award for Excellent Performance from Toyota Motor North America. In presenting this award, TMNA expressed their appreciation to TKS for performing beyond expectations despite difficult conditions faced on numerous projects.

We are pleased to receive this recognition, and are grateful to the entire TKS team for their hard work to earn this award. This is truly an award earned by the entire team, from the back-offices to the job site!

TKS industrial is committed to providing our Customers with products and services of only the highest possible quality. The continued satisfaction of our Customers, new and old, is central to our operation as a world class supplier.

Troy, MI -- March 1, 2022
TKS Fabrication Shop Expansion Complete

TKS is pleased to announce that we have completed the $1.5M shop renovation and expansion, adding 16,000 sq-ft of manufacturing space and adding 12 new union sheet metal jobs to the Columbus Local 24 region.

Troy, MI -- June 15, 2021
TKS Industrial - 40th Anniversary Celebration

TKS is pleased to celebrate our fortieth (40th) year in business in the United States (June 15, 1981 - June 15, 2021). Sending our thanks to all our customers for continuing to trust TKS with your finishing system project needs for over 40 years. Over these years, TKS customer base has expanded to include nearly every major Automotive Manufacturer (OEM) and nearly every Semi-truck manufacturer in North America. TKS has grown from a handful of engineers into an organization achieving annual consolidated turnover of nearly 200 million USD.

Many thanks to all the TKS employees, associates, partners, customers, investors, and their families for their unwavering support over the last 40 years. We are looking forward to another strong 40 years to come!

October 6, 2020 - TKS Industrial announces an expansion in the Columbus region, investing more than $1.5 million. TKS has announced plans to expand its facility in Columbus, Ohio, investing more than $1.5 million and creating 12 new jobs. Hiring for production positions will begin immediately.

TKS Industrial is expanding its existing Columbus facility, increasing its production and storage space by approximately 15,800-square-feet. This investment will also include facility improvements to prepare the company for increased project complexities and capability to better support its diverse and growing OEM base.

Major Divisions

Taikisha, TKS Industrial, & Encore Automation
paint spray booth with application robots

Paint Finishing TKS Industrial is a leading provider of paint finishing systems and industrial HVAC equipment to Automotive and related industries. TKS Industrial's core products are paint spray booths with air supply houses (ASHs) and industrial ovens for paint cure, parts dry-off, or other industrial manufacturing application.

Green Technology Globally, parent company Taikisha has a large Green Technology division which provides large-scale air conditioning and air handling equipment for stadiums, hospitals, and other large buildings.

Energy-efficient HVAC TKS prides itself on designing the most advanced energy-efficient systems for heating, humidifying, and cooling air to meet customer requirements while using the least amount of energy possible. Our plants win energy star awards.

Automation The Taikisha Group is a global leader for advanced robotics and automation in the paint shop. A brand new R&D and demonstration facility just opened in Zama, Japan (a southern suburb of Tokyo).

robots spraying paint inside paint booth by Encore Automation

Encore Automation is the technology leader for automated feather duster, blow-off, powder coat painting, defect detection, automated sanding, finesse, and polishing systems for Automotive and Aerospace markets.

Taikisha Global Group

TKS Industrial Parent Company
taikisha logo

TKS Industrial Company is a fully-owned subsidiary of Taikisha, Ltd. a publicly-traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Ticker: 1979 TYO).

tks industrial columbus fabrication shop

Taikisha makes a large investment in the TKS North American fabrication & manufacturing facility. The TKS Industrial fabrication shop in Columbus Ohio received a $1.5M renovation and equipment upgrade this year, with improvements well underway.

Taikisha partners with major Electronics manufacturer and major Auto OEM to provide a cutting-edge HVAC climate control system at the new battery manufacturing facility in Nevada.

automated aerospace sanding system

Taikisha Zama develops automated sanding technology for aircraft fuselages, allowing for faster production rates using robots & automation.

encore automation logo

Taikisha Group acquires controlling interest in Encore Automation, an Auburn Hills-based supplier of automation and integrated robotics for paint applications in the Automotive, Aerospace, and more manufacturing industries.

Taikisha Zama leads Taikisha's R&D efforts worldwide.

Taikisha opens brand new R&D facility in Zama, Japan near Tokyo, for advanced robotics and automation for paint systems. Taikisha's new facility features 10+ demonstration cells, showcasing paint application, robotic sanding and finesse, new paint booth technologies, new dry scrubber and new wet scrubber systems, inkjet-based paint application, aerospace fuselage sanding/painting, and new defect detection vision systems.

Industry-leading Expertise

TKS Industrial prides itself on having the the most experienced engineering team in the industry.

We are 100% committed to delivering you the best paint shop experience. Choosing TKS means choosing a partner who will provide the highest level of service.

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Need immediate support? TKS representatives are available to take your call and direct it to the proper engineers or technicians. Always make TKS your first call.

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Do you need a quote for your paint shop project? Not a problem. TKS provides both budgetary estimates and firm quotes.

paint oven industrial oven


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Automotive OEM


This Auto OEM's Environmental Quality Office selected two packed-bed desorbers to control the VOC emissions from their paint booths. This OEM is unique, as they are the only Auto OEM in the U.S. to use solvent-borne paint for primer, base, and clear-coat.

packed bed desorber

With a capture efficiency over 95% and a destruction removal efficiency over 98%, this plant is a model of environmental best practices. The net environmental impact of this plant is lower than other Auto OEMs that use low-VOC paint and exhaust it directly without air pollution control equipment.

Automotive OEM Canada


TKS was selected to engineer and install a new bumper paint line for a major Automotive OEM. The paint line includes three spray booths for prime, base, and clear coat painting and heated flash-off tunnels in between each spray zone.

Paint booth cleanroom between spraybooths

The new paint system will produce bumpers for Auto OEM's SUV production. At 30 JPH, the paint line can produce over 120,000 bumpers per year. The paint booths use a new type of cyclone wet scrubber, the OEM's new global paint line standard. Production started in 2018.

Automotive Manufacturer


For their new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, this OEM chose a TKS dry scrubber paint booth for painting their 2018 luxury sedans. As their first drybooth in North America, it is a model of energy-efficiency.

tks dry booth technology

Using a limestone-based paint overspray capture technology, they will save millions of dollars in energy costs and reduce their net emissions by millions of tons of CO2. The limestone filter combination offers a 99.9% filtration, guaranteeing the cleanest, particle-free air in their paint booth.

Auto OEM North America


This customer awarded TKS a turn-key contract for their new paint shop in Tennessee, including design, engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning for the building, paint spray booths, wet scrubber system, industrial oven, conveyor, robots, paint circulation and all paint systems and process equipment.

Nissan Smyrna Paint Line 1 vehicle inspection

TKS' project managers delivered an innovative paint shop that won awards for energy-efficiency from Energy Star. One of the key innovations was the use of a super compact layout, which reduced upfront capital cost and reduced energy use during operation, saving money and the environment.

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industrial paint oven

Ohio New Paint Shop

TKS completes installation of paint systems and paint shop process equipment, including spray booths, cure ovens, robotic defect detection, paint circulation, vehicle conveyor, VOC abatement, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and more. This paint shop produces their luxury sedan models.

Tennessee Paint Shop

Auto OEM receives Energy-Star award for energy-efficient paint shop

Customer selects TKS as the turn-key general contractor for their new paint shop in Tennessee. TKS scope includes a complete Automotive paint system: paint spray booths, industrial ovens, wet scrubbers, industrial pollution control equipment for booth exhaust, regenerative thermal oxidizers for oven exhaust, paint robots, applicators, conveyor systems, paint circulation equipment, and fire protection systems.

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