Green Technology

TKS' parent company, Taikisha Global Limited, has a large Green Technology division that offers commercial air conditioning and handling systems for large stadiums, office buildings, medical clean rooms, and more applications.

Commercial Air Conditioning

TKS Industrial offers a full range of state-of-the-art, high-efficiency cooling options – up to 50 tons - featuring the most advanced, most reliable compressors in the industry.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom central air cooling and heating systems, TKS designs and builds a full line of industrial HVAC systems around the globe. When purchasing a new commercial air conditioning or large HVAC air handling system, think TKS Green Technology.

In addition to air conditioning, TKS also offers heating process equipment. We are also able to recover waste heat from thethermal oxidizer burner and regenerative thermal oxidizer exhausts. After the burner, we can use an air-to-air heat exchanger to warm incoming air for other process steps.

Large HVAC Systems

Incorporating the right products into a HVAC air handling system is a critical part of creating world-class performance. By helping you select the right air handling system, TKS can help address indoor air quality issues such as temperature and humidity, ventilation, mold, bacteria, other particulate matter, and noise.

Whether you need basic comfort cooling or a custom-designed part of a sophisticated HVAC system, a TKS-designed air conditioning and air handling system, combined with extensive experience creating custom products, can provide the right solution for your needs.

Air Conditioner Installation

Our GT division is our largest business unit globally. GT systems operates a Building HVAC business that designs, fabricates, and installs HVAC systems around the world for office building, stadiums, hospitals, government, shopping malls, and other large buildings. The GT group also commissions and repairs air conditioners and commercial HVAC systems for:

  1. World-class sports stadiums
  2. Skyscrapers
  3. Hospitals
  4. Clean rooms

Low-cost Energy-saving Jet Fans

TKS Industrial offers alternative HVAC designs for large manufacturing facilities, such as the use of jets fans instead of traditional Building HVAC duct. The Jet Fans cost less than the extensive ductwork and they require less energy to operate.