VOC Concentrator Installations

See where TKS has installed VOC Concentrators in North America.

TMMK Paint Shop

In 2013, TMMK elected to use our VOC Concentrator (FBC) equipment, for the energy savings and lower green house gas (GHG) emissions. TKS has installed five (5) units at TMMK's Georgetown, Kentucky manufacturing plants, covering an existing body line, a new Lexus bumper line, and two new Camry bumper paint spray booths.

The brand new FBC systems replace several aging Carbon Rotor systems and RTOs. One 40,000 CFM system on a body line, a 20,000 CFM system on a bumper line, and three smaller 10,000 CFM systems on their new bumper line.

Project Details

Fluidized Bed Concentrator (FBC) + Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer

  • SOP: Jan 1, 2017
  • Location: Georgetown, KY
  • Category: VOC Abatement
  • Size: 90,000 CFM

VOC Concentrator

Projects List

Ford Oakville Paint

Oakville, Ontario

Installed 2015 & 2016
25,000 cfm & 25,000 cfm
Installed by Taikisha Canada.

Ford continues to invest heavily in the research and development of new Desorber technologies. TKS installed a pair of packed-bed desorbers at the Oakville research facility in Ontario. Instead of a thermal oxidizer and a traditional fluidized desorber, Oakville uses nitrogen as a flow gas and heats the packed bed of carbon to 700°F to release even the high boiling point solvents, then condenses them and recovers the solvent for re-use.

TMMK Body Paint

Georgetown, Kentucky

Installed 2014
40,000 cfm
Installed by TKS Industrial.

TMMK's first FBC system, TKS installed this 40,000 cfm system on the clear coat zone exhaust from TMMK's Body Paint Line 2. It replaced an aging regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). It has been running in a 2-shift arrangement since 2014.

Lexus Bumper Paint

Georgetown, Kentucky

Installed 2015 & 2016
10,000 cfm
Installed by TKS Industrial.

TMMK's second FBC unit, TKS installed this 10,000 cfm system on the 2K clear coat zone exhaust from TMMK's new Lexus Bumper Paint Line 2. It has been running since 2015.

Honda Body Paint

Lincoln, Alabama

Installed 2012
105,000 cfm
Installed by TKS Industrial.

Honda's first FBC unit in the U.S., Honda Motors of Alabama (HMA) sports an uncommon FBC design: two Adsorbers paired with a single Desorber and single thermal recuperative oxidizer. In 2012, TKS installed this pair of 50,000 cfm Adsorbers plus 1,300 cfm Desorber & Oxidizer on the solvent-borne clear coat paint booth exhaust from HMA's Body Paint Line in Lincoln, Alabama. It has been running since 2012.

Acura Body Paint

Marysville, Ohio

Installed 2017
20,000 cfm
Installed by TKS Industrial.

Honda's second FBC unit in the U.S., Honda's Marysville Assembly Plant (MAP) selected a TKS' exclusive VOC Concentrator technology: FBC. Paired with a small thermal oxidizer to save energy, it successfully captures and destroy the VOCs from their paint booths.

Honda's FBC system is unique -- it captures solvents from a dry scrubber booth system that utilizes a limestone powder to capture the paint over spray, rather than a traditional wet scrubber booth system which uses water. As a result, Honda's FBC system does not require any humidity controls, which further reduces the energy usage of the system. Honda MAP's FBC unit uses ~80% less natural gas than an equivalent RTO.

"Reborn" Bumper Paint

Georgetown, Kentucky

Installed 2016
2x 10,000 cfm
Installed by TKS Industrial.

TMMK's new "Bumper Reborn" bumper spray booth design, part of Toyota's Global Paint Line (GPL) standardization effort, includes an FBC unit for VOC Abatement of the bumper clear coat zones. TKS Industrial installed two (2) independent FBC systems, one on each of TMMK's new bumper paint lines.