Our Distributor Partners

McRae Engineering

Ontario, Quebec, & Eastern Canada

McRae Engineering Equipment Limited is TKS' distributor representative in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern Canada. McRae offers cost-effective process equipment and control solutions.


David Duthie
McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd.
57 Atomic Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 5K8
- Tel: (416) 255-7878 ext.124
- Fax: (416) 255-7860
- Email: david@mcraeeng.com
- website www.mcraeeng.com

Finishing Consultants

Western United States

Finishing Consultants is a TKS distributor representative for the West Coast, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, and Alaska.


Coast Industrial Systems Inc.

Southern California & Mexico

Coast Industrial Systems is a TKS distributor representative for Southern California and Mexico. Coast ISI is a supplier for Industrial Finishing, Protective Coating and Air Pollution Control equipment.


Brad Hubbard
Coast Industrial Systems, Inc.
3004 Main Street
San Diego, CA 92113
Office (619) 232-3549
Fax (619) 232-6749
Email sales@coastisi.com

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